A Passage to India Questions and Answers
by E. M. Forster

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Where did Mr. Fielding board the train in A Passage to India?

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Aziz has carefully planned a day trip to the mysterious Malabar Caves. He's invited Mrs. Moore, Adela, Prof. Godbole, and Cyril Fielding. Adela's fiancé Ronny has given her permission to go to the Caves on the condition that the dutiful and ever so respectable Fielding takes responsibility for her welfare.

Unfortunately, come the morning of the trip, Fielding misses the train. He turns up late along with Prof. Godbole. As he runs to catch the train, Fielding shouts that Godbole made him late because he spent so long praying. Aziz desperately tries to help Fielding aboard, but all to no avail. Fielding misses the train and with it the trip to the Malabar Caves.

Aziz is worried that all his meticulous planning has come to nothing and that the party's day out won't be quite the same without Fielding. What he doesn't yet know is that, without Fielding around to take responsibility for Adela, something strange will happen in the Malabar Caves, something that will change Aziz's life forever.

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