Where did Maniac Magee sleep when he ran away?  

Expert Answers
mrshh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Maniac Magee ran away from his aunt and uncle's home, where he had lived since he was orphaned at three-years-old.  He ran until he arrived in Two Mills, Pennsylvania.  Two Mills was close to where he had lived with his parents before their death.  

When Maniac first arrived in Two Mills, he made his home in "the deer shed at the Elmwood Park Zoo."  He stayed there unnoticed for a few days.  He ate the same food as the deer.

Soon Maniac met the Beale family.  He visited with them for awhile and had dinner with the family.  When it was getting late, Mr. Beale offered to drive Maniac home.  When they were in the car, Mr. Beale discovered that the boy did not have a real home.  When he found this information out, the man "made a U-turn right there and headed back."  After Mrs. Beale discovered that Maniac was homeless, she insisted that he stay with them.  Amanda gave up her room so that Maniac could sleep there.