Where did Luis father come from in Always Running?

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Luis J. Rodriguez was born in El Paso Texas. Both of his parents came from Ciudad Jauaraez, Chihuahua. They wanted to have their children on the American side of the border to ease their life into the United States.

Luis was not well accepted at school because he didn't speak English very well, so he eventually ends up dropping out of school and joins a street gang in Los Angeles. Luis spends many years in the gang and eventually he meets Chente Ramirez and he introduces Luis to political activism. Luis eventually goes back to high school and graduates. He becomes an active member of society and works hard to help immigrants deal with coming to America.

Always Running is an autobiography about Rodriguez's life in the gang world. His story is one of how hard it is for immigrants to fit in here. He opens our eyes to the daily struggles these people face and the hopelessness they often feel. Rodriguez has worked tirelessly to help these people. He has to help his own son, who has also joined a gang. This is a great read about life and how one overcomes such obstacles.

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