The the novel The Hunger Games, what is said about how Katniss' father died?

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist in The Hunger Games, while describing the electrified fences, discusses the events surrounding her father's death in chapter one (page five). Even five years after her father's death, Katniss still awakes from dreams/nightmares screaming because of the traumatising memory of her father's death.

Katniss "was eleven then," as she recalls her father's death. While out hunting, she is recalling the fact that her father was "blown to bits in a mine explosion" at the same time as she reveals to readers who she learned to hunt from. Katniss goes on to provide even more disturbing information which surrounded her father's death when she states that "there was nothing even to bury."

zumba96 | Student

When Katniss was 11, her father was blown to bits in a mine explosion. Even when she was 16 she would wake up from the nightmares that her father had dies. Her father was whom she learned how to hunt as well. 

bunnylove | Student

HE DIED IN THE MINES! There was an explosion in them and Katniss' father was there at the time. He died and Katniss never saw him dead/alive again. I am The Hunger Game's biggest fan! :D

penguin101 | Student

It is said that she remembers and has nightmares about her father where as her father was mine worker sine district 12 was all about mining and she remebers that while she was in school an alarm bell rings and is said that there was just a mine explosin and she runs to get her sister Prim and they stand next to the mine while they watch as others rejoice in seeing their loved ones but when they see no sign of their father they know he is dead