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Most anthropologists today hold with the theory that modern humans evolved in Africa. This theory has come to be known as the Out-of-Africa model and was first proposed by Chris Stringer and Peter Andrews. In this model, humans evolved from more primitive hominids into more or less the modern humans we are now and began migrating out of Africa around 200,000 years ago. Archaeological excavations in Africa have uncovered many examples of early human remains that are older than any found elsewhere in the world. The most famous of these findings is the fossil known as "Lucy," a female who lived in the region that is now Ethiopia. Donald Johanson, who discovered Lucy, says this about the Out-of-Africa theory:

"The one thing that all anthropologists have agreed on now is that the fossil record for humanity is so convincing, from the very earliest, very primitive stages, long before Lucy, going back as much as six million years in Africa, that this is really the cradle of humankind, Africa."

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daylady | Student

I do believe in africa base on what the clue's that the bible gives, and for where did  they emerge from, well my answer would be that of the one i found in the King James Version and that was from the dust of the earth, for God said from dust on the earth he brought adam forth and breath into his nostril's and he (man) became a living soul and from his rib he brought woman. 

aloew | Student

Good question!  If you had asked this question 20 years ago the answer may have been different.  Similarly, if you ask it in another 20 years, technology may lead archaeologists to give another  answer. 

The key to this answer is Africa.  Africa was once the midsection of the earth's supercontinent called Gondwanaland.  While the earth is 4.6 billion years old, Africa is 3.8 billion years old.  Due to plate techtonics, the Great Rift Valley opened up about 65 million years ago soon after dinosaurs became extinct.  The Great Rift Valley is a mile-deep valley that runs 3,000 miles North-South along the east coast of Africa.  Paleontologists believe that hominids first emerged in this valley approximately 3-4 million years ago. Evidence of this can be found in fossils found in the valley.  It may be the valley's climate, or the difficult terrain that helped preserve these fossils over many millions of years.

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