Where does Huck go after escaping the cabin in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?

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Huck makes an elaborate plan to escape from his father's cabin and fake his own death. Escaping from cabin when his father was away, Huck kills a wild hog and returns to the cabin, smashes the door with an ax and spreads blood all over. He creates a false trail and adds some "fancy touches" to establish the impression that his body had been dragged into the river.

Huck then escapes to Jackson's Island, which is not far from town. It is on Jackson's Island where Huck comes across Jim and the two join up for the adventures that ensue in the novel. Huck learns at the end of the story that his father is dead and so it is safe for him to return home if he chooses. He does not go home, however, and instead figures he will "light out for the territory" and continue living as he has been.