Where did the Holocaust take place?

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The Holocaust took place during World War II in Europe.  In countries that were controlled by Germany, the Jewish people were rounded up and placed in concentration camps.  They lived in horrible conditions with little food, water, or medical care.  Many were immediately put to death while others did hard labor.  As the war began to draw to a close, the main purpose of the concentration camps was to exterminate the Jewish people.  This decision was made at the Wannsee Conference in early 1942. Concentration camps existed in Germany, Austria, Poland, and other Eastern European countries. Approximately six million Jewish people and five to six million other people (gypsies, prisoners of war, and homosexuals) were killed in the Holocaust.  The Holocaust devastated Jewish life in many European countries.

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The Holocaust happened in Europe in various different countries. The Jewish people were rounded up and taken to various concentration camps where they would be forced into hard labor and killed. Perhaps the most notorious of these camps was Auschwitz, which is located in Poland. It is said that about 1.1 to 1.5 MILLION people died in this horrific place.


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