Where did George Washington play his role in the Revolutionary War?

Expert Answers
dbello eNotes educator| Certified Educator

George Washington's greatest assest during the Revolutionary War was his ability to understand his place within an experience. Washington had pedigree in colonial America, however where many took on a sense of entitlement of this experience, Washington's mindset was quite the contrary. As the General there was no requirement that he mixed,mingled and slept with his despondent soldiers. His actions forged a relationship between the Virginian planter and the colonial farmer. He possessed a gift; which was his understanding that he would hang for his actions had the Continential Army lost, but somehow he was able to convey that his eternal debt was to be given to those soldiers. The greatest role Washington played during The Revolutionary War was the way he shared his vulerability,  he made those soldiers believe they were in it together, by sleeping in their tents, walking through the camps at night, and the result those soldiers saw him as a man...at the core no different than themselves. He gave his soldiers the integrity they deserved....when he accomplished that task there wasn't anything they wouldn't do for him, hence  building human relationships class 101.  

engtchr5 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Historians may debate this question, but most people will tell you that Washington's most crucial role was at Valley Forge, or at least that's what he's best known for. It was there, in the harsh winter, that Washington truly showed his mettle as a general and as a leader. Were it not for the events of Valley Forge and his heroic crossing of the Delaware to fight the Hessians, we might never have had a "President Washington."