Where did Frederick Douglass live?i need this by tommorow.

myapapaya | Student

From 1818-1838 Frederick Douglass lived in Maryland. He was born on the Holme Hill Farm in Talbot County. He spent his early years in the country. He lived in Baltimore on and off until 1838. He fled the city and moved to New York City. In that same year Douglass and his new bride moved and settled in New Bedford, Massachusettes. He lived in Massacusettes for many years. In 1847, he moved his family to Rochester, New York. In 1872, his Rochester home was burned and the Douglass' moved to Washington D.C. In 1877, Douglass purchased a home in Washington D.C. and named it Cedar Hill. His body was laid to rest in Mt. Hope Cemetery in Rochester, New York.

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