Where did Elsie want to go and how was she going to afford it? Where did she invest her money?

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Elsie is Homer's mother. Unknown to her family, she had been saving leftover money from her husband's paycheck for years and investing it in the stock market. She had a broker from the neighboring town. She had invested in companies that made useful things, like bandaids. When the mine company started to sell off houses and lay off men, she informed her husband, Homer Sr., that she had made a great deal of money in the stock market and that she was buying a house in Myrtle Beach. The family had gone to Myrtle Beach each year on vacation, so she had fond memories of this resort area. She had earned enough in the stock market "to buy two houses in Myrtle Beach" if she wanted to, she informed her husband. She even had enough money to pay for Homer Jr. to go to college, if we chose to do so.

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