From Into the Wild, where did Chris travel before making his Alaska trip?

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Chris deliberately did not make definite travel plans when he left Emory. He wanted to see where he ended up and let his experiences dictate his personal growth. Chris traveled West from Georgia and tried not to stay very long in any one place. He camped out of his car until it was disabled in a flash flood on Lake Mead; from there, he walked and hitchhiked around the Western United States, stopping in Seattle, South Dakota (where he met Wayne Westerberg), California, and traveling down to Mexico where he snuck across the border. Chris also spent some time on a canoe in the California Gulf; a violent storm drove him back to land.

...we know he spent July and August on the Oregon coast, probably in the vicinity of Astoria, where he complained that "the fog and rain was often intolerable." In September he hitched down U.S. Highway 101 into California, then headed east into the desert again. And by early October he had landed in Bullhead City, Arizona.
(Krakauer, Into the Wild,

Chris spent a good deal of time in Bullhead city, reconnecting with civilization and reaffirming his resolution of isolation and self-reflection. He made his last long stop back in South Dakota, where he worked for Westerberg to earn money for new equipment and supplies. After that, he traveled to Alaska and found the abandoned bus where he spent the rest of his life.

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