Where did Bud and Mr. Lewis eat breakfast once they reached Flint?  

Expert Answers

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Despite initially mistaking him for a blood-thirsty vampire, Bud agrees to accompany Lefty Lewis to Flint, where he's planning to drop off some blood at the hospital. Gradually, Bud comes to realize that Lefty isn't really Count Dracula, and so no longer feels unsafe in his presence. Besides, he's so beat after the long journey that he's not really thinking about anything else other than getting a good night's sleep.

When he wakes up, Bud finds himself in a completely new environment. He's roused from his deep slumber by a woman, who tells him that breakfast's ready. The woman is Mrs. Sleet, Lefty Lewis's daughter, and he has breakfast with her family. She's concerned at the multiple stings and lumps all over Bud's body and at how incredibly skinny he seems. She wonders aloud how any parent would allow their child to end up in such a state. This concern shows us Mrs. Sleet's warm and caring nature, which becomes ever more apparent as the story progresses.

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