Where did Brian land in the book Hatchet?  

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Brian must fly from New York to northern Canada to visit his father in the oil fields where he works. His divorced parents share visitation. Aboard a flight on a small plane, Brian quietly contemplates his parents’ situation for a short time. Eventually, the pilot shows Brian some of the controls and lets him try flying the plane. Brian notes that there appears to be nothing but forest below them, leading the reader to think they are approaching the Canadian wilderness.

After allowing Brian to fly the plane, the pilot collapses. Brian spends several minutes trying to figure out the controls of the plane and the best course of action. Prior to the plane crash landing, Brian tries reaching help over the radio seventeen times, once every ten minutes. This means the plane flew on for at least three hours after the pilot collapsed. The author describes the dense forest that Brian sees beneath the plane and eventually, a lake. In desperation when the engine stops, Brian guides the plane down into the lake in the middle of a Canadian forest.

dcbiostat | Student

Brian is the main character in the book Hatchet. Brian’s parents are going through a divorce. In the beginning of the book, Brian is on a bush plane. He is on his way to visit his father who is located in the northern oil fields of Canada. 

When in the air, the pilot shows Brian how to use the controls of the plane. Then, suddenly, the pilot of the plane has a heart attack. Eventually, the plane runs out of gas. Brian is able to keep the plane level and land it in a lake that was in the shape of an “L”. Brian is able to tear off his seatbelt, swim through the broken windshield, and swim to the nearby shore. 

The rest of the book is about Brian’s survival in the wilderness of the Canadian forest and his eventual rescue.