Where did Benno Seligmann go when he changed schools?

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Benno Seligmann had to go to a school specifically for Jewish children.

The Boy Who Dared is a biography of Helmuth Hübener, a young German whose subversive acts led to his execution by the Nazis in 1942. The story chronicles the transformation of the Weimar Republic-era Germany into the one crafted by the Nazi government, and the striking social changes that included inspirational and patriotic speeches, as well as extreme acts of prejudice. Helmuth is torn between pride in his country and sympathy for those being subjugated.

Helmuth witnesses much of this subjugation firsthand, in part by seeing his Jewish friend Benno mocked at school (the teacher calls him a traitor to Germany), and then removed from it entirely, to be relocated to a all-Jewish school established by the government.