Where did the author, Mr. Henshaw, live in the book "Dear Mr. Henshaw"?the address

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The address to which Leigh sent his letters to Mr. Henshaw is not given.  Leigh gets his information on where the author is living by reading the backs of the books he writes.  In his November 15 letter written during his sixth grade year, Leigh tells Mr. Henshaw, "I read what it said about you on the back of Ways to Amuse a Dog...on the book it said you lived in Seattle, so I didn't know you had moved to Alaska although I should have guessed from Moose on Toast".  A month later, on December 12, Leigh writes to the author, "I was surprised to get your postcard from Wyoming, because I thought you lived in Alaska".  Apparently, Mr. Henshaw moves around a lot, possibly depending on the type of book he is writing; when he is living in Wyoming, he comes out with a new book called Beggar Bears, set in that state's Yellowstone Park.

I would imagine that Leigh originally wrote to Mr. Henshaw in the care of his publishing company, whose address can usually be found on the jackets of an author's books.  Leigh did eventually receive postcards from Mr. Henshaw from the different places where he was living, but whether he was ever given a home address to which to send his later correspondences directly is not mentioned.