Where did Amir and Baba go when they left Afghanistan in The Kite Runner?

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Baba and Amir escaped from the Russian-held Kabul in the middle of the night, leaving virtually all of Baba's riches behind. They were joined by "about a dozen" other escaping strangers "in the tarpaulin-covered cab of an old Russian truck." Their eventual destination was Pakistan, but first there would be necessary stops in Afghanistan: The first stop would be Mahipar Falls, where Baba would save one of the passengers from being raped by a Russian soldier. Then it was on to Jalalabad, 170 kilometers from Kabul, where the passengers were forced to wait for several days until their transportationĀ arrived. From Jalalabad, they were transported in the tank of an old oil truck before finally reaching Peshawar, Pakistan. Baba and Amir would eventually fly to the United States, where the two settled in Fremont, California, not far from San Jose.