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Where Did The American Revolution Take Place

Where did the American Revolution happen?

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The American Revolution began in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with the Declaration of Independence. 

On the ground, major battles took place along the East coast of what was to become the United States (back in the 1770s, there were only 13 colonies that took up what are now Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia). Much of the action happened in what is now New England, New York, and New Jersey, though significant battles also happened in the south, as well.

There were also a few naval engagements along the coastline of the U.S., though these usually involved private boats owned by revolting U.S. citizens (privateers). After all, the British had the largest navy in the world at that time, so there was little sense for the Americans to challenge them on the water. However, numerous American vessels were captured by the British in the Atlantic Ocean, especially in the early days of the war.

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The American Revolution happened mainly on the East Coast of what is now the United States.  There was fighting all up and down the East Coast, but there was very little fighting very far inland.

The first battles of the war happened very near to Boston, Massachusetts.  After that, there were important battles in and near New Yorik City and in the area of Philadelphia.

Later on in the war, there were a number of important battles in South Carolina.

Finally, the war came to an end in Virginia when the British army was trapped by American soldiers and the French navy at Yorktown.

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The American Revolution occurred throughout the thirteen colonies in what was once controlled under British Law.  The people who had helped to develop America were fed up with paying taxes to England and having to share profits with a government that provided them with nothing in return.  The colonists were fed up with Parliamentary rule and wanted to govern themselves. 

The British had a lot to lose and had not wanted any changes.  There were still people in America who supported the presence of the British.  They were often afraid of change and the problems that would develop.  The problems did rise ad the colonists and the British went to war.  The war we now refer to as the Revolutionary War.

New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Georgia, , South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia.