in Lord of the Flies, where is the ‘darkness’ and the ‘light’ on the island? As metaphors, what or who do you think the darkness and light represent ?

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Lord of the Flies centers around the boys' descent into evil. Light and darkness are represented throughout the novel. Evil is itself represented by darkness. Most bad deeds take place under cover of darknessThe longer the boys stay on the island, the more pervasive the 'darkness' is. Interestingly, Jack and his 'tribe' are drawn to the dark, interior of the island

whereas the more "civilized" group of boys huddle together for security on the beach.

Each boy has experienced his own internal torture as he copes with his own interpretation of the beast, not yet aware that the decision to follow Jack 

will lead him to become the beast. 

In contrast, the fire represents hope and gives light in the dark. Fire, although it has detructive elements, also provides warmth and so is associated with safety - although ultimately it will be the out of control fire that will lead...

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