Where does Crispin go immediately after Bear is captured?

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While Bear and Crispin are visiting Great Wexley, Bear attends a gathering of people who want to start a rebellion against the king. Crispin eavesdrops on their meeting from a garden, where he sees John Aycliffe and a number of guards approaching. Crispin is able to warn Bear and his companions that they are about to be disrupted and many of them are able to scatter, but Bear is captured. Crispin is frightened but decides to try and follow Bear and his captors to see if he can intervene. He tracks them to the town center and witnesses Bear being dragged into Lord Furnival's Palace. When Crispin realizes he cannot help Bear at this time, he returns to the room at the Green Man tavern to think. He soon hears crashing, banging, and screams from downstairs and takes refuge in a crawl space behind the wall.

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