Where is copper ore found?Scientific name is chalcopyrite.

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Copper is found as native copper (Cu) or as part of minerals. Michigan had the largest mass of elemental copper ever found in the Keweenaw Peninsula. Other locations that have copper are Chuquicamata in Chile, Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah, U.S., and El Chino Mine in New Mexico, U.S. Chile produced one-third of the world share of copper, followed by the U.S., Indonesia and Peru. There is an estimated copper reserve worldwide that can last for 5 million years, however, with today's technology, it is does not make economic sense to extract more than a small percentage as the rest of it would not make economic sense to extract. Chalcopyrite is a mineral which contains iron sulfide, and its formula is CuFeS2. On the Mohs scale for hardness, it ranks 3.5-4. It is the most important copper ore. There are huge masses at Timmins, Ontario, there is some found in Broken Hill Australia, and the American cordillera, a continuous sequence of mountain ranges, from North America, to Central to South America and to Antarctica. It is also in the Andes. The largest deposit of chalchopyrite was found in Canada.

melonsmasher | Student

Native copper can be found in alluvial deposits, granitic and basaltic rock. The biggest ores of copper are the minerals chalcopyrite and malachite. Copper is mined throughout the world and the open pit mines created are the largest man-made excavations in the world. The top copper mining countries are Chile, U.S.A., Peru, China, Australia, Indonesia, Russia, Canada, Zambia. Copper is found in many other countries as well, it's a pretty extensive list. Trace amounts of copper can be found in our blood - it is an essential enzyme that helps the central nervous system.

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