Where do the characters encounter the whirligigs? What is the importance of the symbolism?

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More about the whirligigs:

In Weeksboro, Maine, two eighth graders Stephanie and Alexandra encounter a whirligig. On a trip to the coast, the two discuss their romantic inclinations but disagree about how they can find true love. On the rocks, they discover a whirligig mounted to a pole. It consists of a medley of arms, propellers, vanes, and wheels. At the top of the whirligig, there is a figurine in the shape of a woman's head. Inscribed on the pole is the name "Lea Rosalia Santos Zamora." The girls decide that the whirligig symbolizes the power of unseen forces. When the wind blows, the whirligig moves. The girls contend that thoughts are like the wind. One cannot see it, but its consequences are felt by all.

In Miami, Florida, we meet a man named Flaco. He marries a woman named Constancia. In due time, they have a baby, but it dies after an illness. Constancia and Flaco mourn for a time. Eventually, they have another baby, whom they name Raul. Time progresses, until the day that Flaco loses his job. Because his in-laws live with him and his wife, there is never any peace at home. On any given day, he can hear people arguing and babies crying. To mitigate his sadness, he drives towards the Gulf coast. There, he walks down to the pier and sees a whirligig. This whirligig is made up of a little wooden band. There is a trombone player, a trumpet player, a clarinetist, and a drummer. To Flaco, the whirligig symbolizes camaraderie. He realizes that everyone needs to belong to a group and that there will always be arguments in groups. With that thought in mind, he drives home.

In Bellevue, Washington, former orphan Anthony is frustrated with his adopted...

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