Where is carbon dioxide released from in the home?

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First of all, any people living in the home release carbon dioxide as a result of aerobic respiration. Plants take in carbon dioxide for photosynthesis and release it again as a result of respiration. The heating system in the home will release carbon dioxide as a result of combustion of fossil fuels whether it be oil or gas. Oil and gas are hydrocarbon fuels and after their combustion, carbon dioxide is added to the atmosphere. Also, a fireplace or wood-burning stove would release carbon dioxide as a result of combustion of wood. This is all part of the carbon cycle.

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Two major sources of carbon dioxide in homes - breath released by people, and exhaust or gases released by combustion of appliances like kitchen stoves and other heating system that burn fossil fuel or wood - have already been identified in the answer posted above. Other minor sources are fermentation of food, and breathing of house pets. House plants also release carbon dioxide at night.

I am not sure of the extent to which of fermentation processes are used in western Cooking. But in India it is very common. Particularly, making of yoghurt by fermentation of milk is almost a daily activity in most of the Indian homes.  It is worthwhile noting that any cooking that involves use of baking soda also produces carbon dioxide.

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Two major sources of the release of carbon dioxide in our houses:

1. The aerobic respiration of the inhabitants in the house release carbon dioxide.

2. The exhausted gases from air conditioning systems and heating systems also contain carbon dioxide.