Where can I watch Pretty Little Liars (season 2, episode 1) online for free?

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Well, this is not the typical eNotes sort of question. Maybe I can offer some help though. First, I want to echo the other Educator's plea that you read the books. At the very least, they will give you a better appreciation of the show when you do watch it.

If the links that the other Educator suggests do not pan out, I would suggest you make a trip to your local library. Many libraries have extensive DVD collections. My nearest library has seasons 1 through 5 in their collection. Yours might have the series too. If your library does not have the series, maybe they can get it on loan from another library in their network. You can check out your local community library as well as your school's library. It's worth checking. And, as always, libraries are free!

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Okay, being a teacher, I need to begin with a plea for you to PLEASE read the actual young adult novel series that the show is based upon! I think you'll find the series is even better than the show!!! (See the link below!)

As for the TV episode, you can try looking at the ABC Family website. I checked there as well, and they have plenty of full episodes right online for you to watch! Often TV websites post the full episode directly after it airs for your convenience.

If you have a subscription to a streaming service such as Netflix or Hulu, you can also look for the episode there. Or you can try your local video rental store or library!

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