Where can i see a summaryof the book The BFG

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There is a summary here at Enotes. Short for "The Big Friendly Giant," The BFG is due to become a Stephen Speilberg film, and was already been made into a film that is animated with David Jason as the voice of the giant and Amanda Root as the voice of Sophie. This film was released in 1989.

There are many characters in this work by Roald Dahl, but Sophie is the protagonist of the narrative. Little Sophie, who espies the BFG one night because she looks out her window, becomes friends him after he grabs her and takes her. Sophie convinces the giant to persuade the Queen to form a plan to capture the other giants who intend harm to children. After the queen has a dream that presents the giants, and it has Sophie in it, the queen believes her and orders enough helicopters to take control of the situation. The giants are captured and they are placed in a pit from which they cannot escape.

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