Where can I locate a critical analysis?

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A great resource of critical analyses of literature can be found in most public libraries of any size and, certainly, in college librairies: Contemporary Literary Criticisms, a compilation of essays by professionals on a myriad of literary works. Another way to access critical analyses on literary works is to tap into college libraries via JSTOR or ERIC. If the student has access to a college library, he or she can access these on the library computers. Otherwise, a virtual library card will provide access. Or, the student can purchase a JSTOR account, for example.

Of course, here at Enotes, there are hundreds of critical essays available to the student. All that is necessary is a current membership. Then, the student can type in the work under consideration in the white box at the top of the screen and click the red search button. After doing this, the title of the work will appear at the top of a page and the first word below it, "Introduction," will be in black print as six other catedgories will be listed in blue, separated from one another by slash marks.  One of these, the fifth in line, usually, will read "Critical-Essays." This section will afford the student critical analyses of the work.  Also, under the "Summary" category, after scrolling to the bottom, the student will see "Summary and Analysis" and this section often affords the student some critical evaluation of the work, as well. Another Enotes source is the "In-depth" category.

Please do not hesitate to take advantage of all that your Enotes membership offers and examine the "Critical Essays" on the works that are relevant for you. Again, we thank you for using Enotes. The links below provide examples of critical essays and summary/analyses.

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