The Black Walnut Tree

by Mary Oliver

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Where can i find the actual poem "The Black Walnut Tree" by Mary Oliver?

Expert Answers

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Well, I don't think that it is available on the web; I looked, and had no luck.  I actually have a copy of the poem, because I own the book "New and Selected Poems:  Volume One" by Mary Oliver, and the poem is in there.  This book was published by Beacon Press in Boston, in 1992, on pages 201-202, just so you have the information for a full citation for it. Here are the first few lines (the back-slashes indicate a line break):

"My mother and I debate:/we could sell the black walnut tree/to the lumberman,/and pay off the mortgage."

I hope that helps with your homework a bit; it's a great poem about the powerful memories and familial ties that trees and other great structures built by strong hands can have, and a tribute to respecting the work and cares of those that have gone before us.  I hope that you enjoy it!  I also provided a couple great links to some discussions of Mary Oliver's style and themes, which might help with your homework too.

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