Where can I find information on V. S. Pritchett's short story entitled "The Diver"?

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There is a variety of information available on "The Diver," a short story by noted author and critic V.S. Pritchett. There is a link below to the eNotes study guide for Pritchett's Collected Stories in which "The Diver" appears. It offers both extensive analysis and commentary. At the end of this resource, there is a bibliography with nine additional sources that invite further study in literary journals and other publications including magazines and newspapers.

Besides the resources here at eNotes, one could read Eudora Welty's review of Pritchett's anthology published in The New York Times on June 25, 1978. Canadian literary critic Robert Fulford published a piece on "The Diver" in The Globe and Mail on April 2, 1997. Both mention the story directly and offer commentary on the story's reception in the literary community.

The Sewanee Review published by the Johns Hopkins University Press featured a review of Collected Stories written by George Core in the Summer 1982 edition.

For good information on Pritchett's writing career and selected works, one could read Jeremy Treglown's V. S. Pritchett: A Working Life, which references "The Diver." Treglown's book was reviewed by Philip Hensher in The Spectator in 2004. It was also reviewed in The Guardian on October 15, 2004. And finally, The Paris Review conducted an interview with V. S. Pritchett available in the Winter 1990 edition.

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