Where can I go for essay proofreading? Where is a reliable source for essay proofreading?  I am nervous to post my essay online as to prevent someone from taking it and getting penalized for plagiarism.  Many websites claim to give you feedback on your essay but they charge a hefty fee.  I am skeptical of websites like these for their ability and accuracy.  I have gone through my essay and I know their are several structural errors and there could be better transitions.  I would like to be able to fix these errors before submitting my work.  Does anyone have any suggestions besides relying on the basic essay writing tips to proofread my essay?

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There are writers and editors who offer professional services for a fee, as you know. Some can be extremely helpful. If you don't want to pay a fee, I would suggest that you ask a fellow student to go over your paper with you. The best people to ask would be English majors. This might be a good way to make friends. I know that there are zillions of students who are helping other students in this way, and it has probably been going on for a thousand years. If you don't know someone to ask, maybe you know someone who knows someone. You can meet in the cafeteria and go over your paper in an hour. Some students are very good at critiquing writing, and the ones who are good at it are usually glad to help. Even if the other student is only fair at editing, he or she can at least give you objective feedback. Your essay should be typed and double-spaced.

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Many colleges have writing centers that do that, and that serve the public as well as their student bodies. I am certain there would be a teacher at your school who would be willing to take a look at your work, and peer review is always a good option as well. As the previous poster said, you can eliminate a number of errors using spell and grammar check on MS Word.

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You can run your essay through Microsoft Word's grammar checker. Your school might also have tutoring services, and many schools have a writing lab. You can also hire a local college student, or an older student, or a tutor. Check school message boards.
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