Where can I get vital health statistics for San Antonio, Texas, particularly for communities within Zip Code 78212?

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kipling2448 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In seeking health-related information for San Antonio, Texas, the first place one ought to look is the office of that city's Clerk, which maintains Vital Records for all individuals born in San Antonio, as well as the records of all who die there.  The office of the City Clerk for San Antonio, holds all birth and death certificates, can be accessed at www.sanantonio.gov/health/VitalStats-Main.html.

Similarly, vital records and immunization data can be attained through the City of San Antonio Metropolitan Health District at www.sanantonio.gov/health/Immunizations.html

Specific to the Zip Code 78212, basic information on population density, male-to-female ratio within that code, and the number and location of health care facilities can be found at www.mapszipcode.com/texas/san%20antonio/78212.  The Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care collects data on all regions of the country and breaks it down by region, including by zip code, and can be found at www.dartmouthatlas.org/data/region/.

In addition, local academic institutes maintain data on health care issues and trends within their communities.  The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, for example, can be contacted for information on health data for that particular region.  Finally, City of San Antonio Metropolitan Health District maintains health and demographic statistics, although it is uncertain whether that data is broken down by individual zip codes.  It's website is www.sanantonio.gov/health/healthprofiles-main.html.  This website provides links to additional health care sites that provide statistics specific to San Antonio, including figures from the last U.S. Census, the Centers for Disease Control, and the Texas State Data Center.