Solibo Magnificent Questions and Answers
by Patrick Chamoiseau

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Where can I get a full review of Patrick Chamoiseau’s Solibo Magnificent?  (Please provide a full review.)

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You can “get a full review” of Patrick Chamoiseau’s Solibo Magnificent precisely by doing what you did:  asking the question on eNotes.  Now I can provide one for you.  (Our eNotes Study Guides often contain the summary, themes, characters, etc.  However, they usually do not contain a “review,” which is a determination about what the novel is attempting to do and the rationalization as to whether the author did so well.)

Patrick Chamoiseau’s Solibo Magnificent combines formal French language with Creole vernacular.  This makes the novel a very interesting piece and an effort to keep Creole alive.  (Translation into English provides an even further fun issue.)  This novel is about story-telling through the use of language and how the...

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