Where can I get free books like "Oliver Twist"? i am asking about free books  of charles dickens

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Try librivox.org for audio editions of public domain reading materials.

You will need an ipod or some other device to listen to the recorded books.

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Your local public library is always a great source. Although the books are not free to have you can borrow as many books as  you'd like for free. All you have to do is fill out for a library card (also free) and you're on your way.

Consignment stores usually carry books that have been donated. The books are not FREE, but, I have purchased great titles from the Goodwill for about 25 cents.

If you are someone who doesn't mind not having an actual book in your hands, you log on to the web and find Dickens' greatest works. Many of the sites are free and don't even require you to sign up for a newsletter. Just make sure that the site you are visiting is legit and they are making the works available with the permission of the author (or the author's estate). Always respect copyright laws.

Happy Reading!!

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www.gutenberg.org/etext.  This is a great source for many classical texts that are in the public domain.  All you have to do is put in the author or the title.  You will get the option to download as plain text or a zip file (or in some cases, an html file).  I usually download the text and then open it in Word to format it in a text type/size that I like with line spacing that I can read easily.  It also allows me to print out the text double sided to save paper.


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