Mcteague: A Story of San Francisco

by Frank Norris
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Where can I get a copy of the movie with Helen Hunt about McTeagues? My son is a bartender at McTeagues in San Francisco and I want to send  him this movie and book as a birthday gift.

Expert Answers

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This book was written by Franik Norris.  I found both the book and the audiobook at Barnes and Noble, but nothing about a film version.  The Audiobook is a theatrical performance and  has a full cast.   Helen Hunt is among the voices in the cast.  You might consider that for his  birthday gift.  It is also downloadable, so you could gve him the code and he could download it himself to his iPod or other mp3 player.

This is a great gift idea.  I'm sure you will love it, and it will be fun for him to share it with others he works with and knows in San Francisco.  Good Luck!

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