Where can I find the whole short story "The Theft of Persephone"?  I need to read the story but cannot seem to find it anywhere

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amymc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You are talking about Persephone who was kidnapped by Hades, resulting in the seasons of the year from Greek Mythology, right?

I found a version of the story you mention at a few different spots

Here is one:


It has two versions - a short one and a longer one they call the "cerebral" version.

I also found this version:


It is even more simplistics, but it gives the general story of Persephone and the seasons.

This last one is a retelling, but it does stick to the main elements of the story and has more interesting dialogue and a modern flair:


I also found a few versions under different names - here is one under the Myth of Persephone:


You can also search under the Rape of Persephone