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Great Expectations

by Charles Dickens
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Where can I find the following quote or something similar about Joe and Biddy in Great Expectations? Pip visits The Gargerys' home, and when he sees them on the front steps he noticed a difference in Joe, his "great forbearance shone more brightly than before" (394). I tried looking on pg 394 but couldn't find anything. I have the new Charles Dickens. Please help.

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The quotation that you are looking for appears in Chapter 58, about five pages into the chapter. At the beginning of the chapter, Pip has an awkward conversation with Mr. Pumblechook which he cannot wait to escape. He then heads to Joe and Biddy's and thinks,

"But it was only the pleasanter to turn to Biddy and to Joe, whose great forbearance shone more brightly than before" (512--in the Signet Classic edition of Great Expectations).

Pip has finally realized to whom he is most indebted (Joe and Biddy) and that others like Miss Havisham and Mr. Pumblechook only pretended all along to have his best interest at heart.

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