Tar Baby Questions and Answers
by Toni Morrison

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Where can I find the book Tar Baby?

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I do not know how quickly you need this book, but there are some ways to get a copy fairly quickly.  You can find used copies at Amazon and at the Barnes and Noble website.  By paying a bit more, you can have a copy delivered to your door the next day. You might also check bookstores in your area, even used bookstores. This is a classic book, and I would be amazed if someone did not have it. If your school has a website with a bulletin board, or a bulletin board in the school for students, you could put out a request. If your community has a freecycle group,which is a group on Yahoo, you can join and post a request for the book. Someone might be cleaning out bookshelves and give it to you free.  Good luck!

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