where can i find teen parenting articles in the internet?

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As noted above, there are a number of useful resources available to you nline. The list that you have already been given is great, but I would like to add that you should pay close attention to the type of site that you are viewing. .edu (educational) and .org (non profit organizations) tend to have the most reliable information for situations such as this one. You want to be sure that the information that you are getting is reliable because the mother and the baby should be of the utmost importance with regard to safety and wellness. Avoid sites that ask you for any personal information up front as these sites are likely to be collecting your information for marketing or other purposes. It is in your best interest to stay protected!

Here are a few good links to get you started! (see below)


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There are all kinds of resources available for teen parents including those that are actually written by other teen parents describing their experiences and problems or solutions they have found.

There are also loads of different articles and websites from every perspective imaginable about teen pregnancy, teen parenting, statistics about teens who become or are likely to become parents, etc.  Just google "teen parenting" and see the myriad results that come up.

There are also articles and websites about trying to manage the relationship between a teen parent and their own parents and some of the conflicts that can arise in that situation.

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I am a writer whose only focus is on Parenting Teen articles. My website is www.cindy-springsteen.com and there are links on there to all my articles for a website called examiner, in which I am the Long Island Parenting Teens Examiner. Hope you come on over I am sure you will find a lot of helpful information.

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