Where can I find study guide for a Final Exam for "American History the Pathway to The Present?" I need chapters 6-13

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This textbook covers the history of the United States. Chapter six is over the advancement of American Industry.  Chapter seven covers America's advancements into the West. Chapter eight covers the politics and immigration from the 1870s through 1915, and chapter nine covers the turn of the century.  Chapters ten through thirteen cover  everything  from America becoming a world power to the post war era.  All of these chapters plus others can be studied and are summarized at the links provided here.  The summaries to each chapter with basic facts are concise and very adequate for using as a study guide.

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The best way for you to study chapters 6-13 in that textbook is to read the material. There is no way to assess your study habits now; however, the fact you came to this site suggests you want to succeed. There is research that suggests that the best results of study are realized piece by piece. In other words, study everyday for a little while. The key is to figure what your little while is...

Another tool is to complete the question assessments at the end of each chapter. If you get them wrong... GO BACK AND FIGURE IT OUT.....If you do this you will probably pass; however, the greatest achievement is that you will remember what you learned. I know it sounds silly, but it is true.

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