Where can I find page numbers for the quotes from Oliver Twist that I wrote down?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since you have chosen your own quotations, you are unlikely to find the exact same ones written down from the same edition of the book that you have.  However, there is a quick and easy solution here that requires just a little legwork.  You can get your page numbers this way.

All books are copyrighted up to 50 years after the author’s death.  This means that Oliver Twist, and many other fine older books, are available as etexts.  An etext is a searchable online document.  Luckily, these are available online on enotes for many excellent books.  The advantage of the enotes extexts is that they are also annotated.  You can click on words underlined in red to get more information.


The advantage of a searchable etext is that you can use it to find your page numbers.  First, go to the link I gave you and download the etext.  You can also just search the page if you know what chapter it’s in.  Then, type in the first few words of each quote.  Sometimes even one word will do it if it is an unusual word.  The etext will highlight each page the word or combination of words is on until you find the quote.  Then, you can see which chapter the quote is in, and approximately where in the chapter it is.  Since this book has short chapters, it should be pretty easy to find the actual page number in your book.

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