Where can I find a literary journal/criticism on "The Necklace"?

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There are great resources for criticism on Guy de Maupassant's, "The Necklace ", right on this site!  I've attached the link below to this message.  Also, you may want to check out the resources at your college's library.  I am certain that your librarian there will have plenty of...

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Enotes has several literary essays concerning "The Necklace" on its own website. The website lists the following essays:

  • Surprise and Mystery in "The Necklace"

    In the following essay, Pierce comments upon the surprise ending in ''The Necklace'' and its correlation to the mystery genre.

  • The Necklace

    In the following excerpt, the critics examine Maupassant's treatment of time in ‘‘The Necklace,’’ in which he alternates between dramatic action and narrative summary.

  • The Technical Struggle: On Subject

    In the following excerpt, O'Faolain asserts that the cleverness of ‘‘The Necklace’’ lies not in the surprise ending but in its realistic portrayal of human relationships and society.

  • The Necklace

    In the following excerpt, Steegmuller maintains that the shock ending of ‘‘The Necklace’’ is the highlight of the story, condemning Maupassant's portrayal of relationships as "vague and unconvincing" and his plot as improbable. Steegmuller also asserts that while Maupassant has a reputation as a specialist in surprise endings, only a few of his stories actually conclude in this manner.

  • American Writers after Poe

    In the following excerpt, Bates discusses Maupassant's ability to combine trick and tragedy into one, asserting that in "The Necklace" it is clear that the author was completely aware of the limitations of the surprise ending.

  • The Woof—Plot

    In the following excerpt, Bement offers an interpretation of Maupassant's development of the plot of "The Necklace," believing he may have considered the implications of both greed and innocence to form his story.

Also, you could try various searches on eric.ed.gov for lectures and presentations. Also, http://www.zeroland.co.nz/literature3.html lists French literary journals that have English translations. There are many articles on Maupassant in those journals.

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