Where can I find sources of literary criticism for The Help by Kathryn Stockett? I need to find two sources of literary criticism to help me with my assignment about Skeeter's motivation for writing The Help. Or, I need guidance for a literary criticism thesis statement for The Help.

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I'm not sure how much literary reviews of The Help, the book actually written by Kathryn Stockett, will help you in interpreting or explaining the motivation of fictional character Skeeter that led her to write her work of the same title. You could refer to



or other reviews listed under the help book reviews on Google for ideas regarding what professional reviewers had to say about the story.

To create your own thesis statement, consider your understanding of the character of Skeeter. Do you feel she created her book out of concern and compassion for the maids she interviewed, or was she being completely selfish in searching for a vehicle that would enable her to start a career as an author? What passages from the book can you use to support your opinion? A statement of your conclusion could be used as your thesis statement.


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