Where can I find the link[s] about the "Elizabethan Theatre Actors"?I need to find the "who, what, where, when, why,and how" about that topic.

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I've included a link below, but here are some basic details:

Elizabethan actors were all male - either adult men or teenage boys, who were particularly used to play the female roles.  Women were not allowed to act as it was considered dishonorable.  The actors belonged to groups or "companies" and each company would be responsible for performing a particular play.  Although traveling companies were still popular, in Elizabethan times more companies were performing in theatres in London.  The actors had to be literate and athletic - all the stunts were performed live and onstage.  Therefore, the actors had to be skilled at gymnastics and fighting styles, like fencing, in order to make things look realistic.

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