Where can I find a link to a review of Jennifer Donnelly's novel, A Northern Light?  

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In the novel, A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly, there is an eNotes study guide available that summarizes the novel and examines characters, themes, etc. In addition, there is also a critical analysis which offers a review of the novel in terms of how it was received in literary circles and the critical reception it was given.

Go to:   http://www.enotes.com/northern-light/critical-overview

The novel is well-liked by adolescent readers—it is a story of a young girl who works at a hotel on the fringe of the Adirondacks. Mattie Gokie meets young Grace Brown at the hotel. Grace has entrusted her love letters to Mattie, asking her to burn them. However, before she can, Grace's pregnant, drowned body is pulled out of the lake—put there by her lover: her murderer.

During this summer, Mattie also has to choose between marrying and settling down with Royal Loomis, or pursuing an education and career outside of her small town. As Mattie tries to understand Grace's life, she finds herself better able to deal with important issues in her own life.

In terms of a additional reviews of A Northern Light, some are listed at the following links:





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