Where can I find Lesson Plans or study guides for this book?  

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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'm sure you have already conducted a basic search-engine exploration and found that very little has been published or even journaled about in the way of teaching this novel in the classroom.  Enotes has not yet published a full study guide for the novel either, but the links below will take you to a few resource pages that might help you get started.  It also seems the movie is much more popular than the book, so finding a way to tie to the film back to the text might be interesting.

My best advice for creating lesson plans on a novel that is not only new to you, but not widely used, is to explore it with your students and build your lessons together.  I will actually tell a class that this is my first time to teach a book, and that I would appreciate their help and input on a daily basis for developing my curriculum for future classes.  (Most students love the opportunity to be part of the "teaching" side of things.)  I always enjoy taking on a new text that isn't so "overdone" that nothing seems fresh and new (either to me as a teacher or to my students).  Often, a thematic approach is the easiest for me to use in such unit planning.  Instead of quizzes and exams which assess vocabulary, technical details, or fact recollection, I try to conduct discussions that lean toward personal responses, connections, and conclusions.

Then, as I teach the novel in subsequent years, I add components that come up with frequency and heighten lessons revolving around subjects (or chapters) that students seemed to enjoy.

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About a Boy

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