Where can I find information on Walter de la Mare's poem "The Listeners"? I need to teach it to a 9th grade class.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are a variety of places where you can find information on "The Listeners."  In order to have a strong grasp of the techniques used in the poem and the ideas de la Mare is trying to advocate through his poetry, I think you need to have some background on the the poet, himself.  This will allow you to have a better appreciation of the poem.  It will also enable your students to have a better understanding of the poet, helping in their prereading of the poem.  The site below can help here.  The second place you can go to get information would be the enotes summary of the poem.  It gives a very good interpretation of the poem and how it should be approached.  Combining this with your own reading  of it will reveal a great deal of information and ideas can emerge freely in the use of your own thoughts and the secondary source summary.  It will also enable you to identify critical lines or words that can start a discussion with your students.  Finally, the enote group devoted to the poem will allow you to contrast your own understanding with others in seeing answers to questions and discussion threads started. These will help you identify which topics are most "discussion worthy" as well as areas upon which your students might want to initiate dialogue. This will be very beneficial in the study of the poem.

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