Where can I find a few good articles about SMOKING on college campuses?

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Do your articles need to come from scholarly sources, or are popular media acceptable sources?  Either way, you can find the sources you need with a good internet search, using Google or another search engine.  Your question provided the search terms you need: smoking, college campuses.  If you put these terms into the search box on Google or another search engine, many good articles, both scholarly and popular, will come up.

The scholarly articles usually require a subscription, but most of what you'll find is open and available.  Here are a few good sources to help you:


"Campus Smoking Bans? Some Say 'Lighten Up'" http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1945356,00.html


"Smoke Free College Trend Growing" http://articles.cnn.com/2007-11-12/health/hm.smokefree.campus_1_smoke-free-college-smoking-indoors-cancer-society?_s=PM:HEALTH


"Campuses Adopt Anti-Smoking Policies" http://www.braintrack.com/college-and-work-news/articles/campuses-adopt-anti-smoking-policies-11012501


You will find many more applicable articles (including the subscription-only scholarly pieces) using the search terms I've suggested.   I hope this helps.

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