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Where can I find a chapter review?  

Expert Answers

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If you are looking for a summary of a chapter from a book, enotes is the place to go.  First of all, you should go to the search bar at the top of the screen and type in the name of the book you want the summaries for.  A list will come up. Be careful to make sure it is both the same title and the same author, because sometimes there will be more than one book with the same title.

Once you click on the book title, it will take you to an overview page.  Then if there are chapter summaries, it will say so on the left.  Not all books have chapter summaries here, but there is a large number that do.  There will usually be a summary with some analysis.

If you are not a subscriber, you will not be able to access all of the chapter summaries.  To become a subscriber, follow the link below.

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