Where can I find a black and white picture of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" to print and color?

Expert Answers
lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Did you know you might be able to find pictures that will work for you right here on eNotes? Check out the link below.

Also, there is a link below for Hamlet coloring books, if you have some time and can order one of these. If you have Word, you can open a document, do "insert clip art" and there are two cartoon-ish pictures of Hamlet. They are colored already, but if you enlarge the images, you can color over them with paints, crayons or markers.

Have you tried going to the library and making a copy of a picture in a book? If you find one that works, you also can scan it into a jpeg and enlarge the image. Or, if you have some sort of paint program, you could transfer the image to that and erase the color or filled-in areas so that you can print it out more as a line drawing.

You can download one of the pictures from eNotes and also transfer it into a paint program and erase the filled-in areas, or you can use colored pencils to color over the image. This should work pretty well also.

Since you are a senior, I'll bet you know someone who is artistic and can draw a picture for you! Why not? I always had several students who would be capable of this. If you don't know anyone, ask your art teacher to recommend someone.