Where can I find the best guideline for writing a five page philosophy paper, the paper is a critical analysis?

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amarang9 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Below are a few helpful links. 



As for general advice, I would say that when you write this paper, and if it is a comparison of two philosophers' views on art, write it as if you were explaining these two views on art to your friends.  Too often, students write "for a professor" and end up paraphrasing philosophic passages instead of understanding them and reforming them in their own words - within the context of the argument of the paper.  So, #1 - be academic, but in your own words; it will sound better, more natural.


* Intro: Start with a thesis: In this paper, I will argue that Andy Warhol's philosophy of art (aesthetics) was influenced by the work of Marcel Duchamp. 

* Define any critical terms in understandable language. Again, speak/write as if you were teaching it to your friends.  Explain why (even if just one sentence) it is important to them, society, etc. 

* Part 1: Duchamp's Found Art - discuss the first artist/author's work, writing, etc. 

* Part 2: Warhol's Condensed Soup - discuss the second author/artist's work and begin to segue into part three. 

* Part 3: compare the two; it would help here to offer counter-arguments and it would certainly help to cite some other scholarship (i.e. a journal article on these two author/artist) whether it supports your argument or not.  If the article challenges your thesis, you must refute it.  Then segue into your conclusion. 

* Part 4 Conclusion: Marcel to Campbell's Soup. Use subtitles for each Part if it helps you or if it helps to structure the paper for the reader.  Don't just have one long paragraph for each Part. Section them off as your paper shifts in context or subject matter.

Think critically.  When considering your argument (thesis), ask yourself 'so what.'  Do not compare two artists for the sake of comparing them.  What is the 'so what?'  This is key.