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How can I find all the questions that I have asked on Enotes.com?

Expert Answers

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To find all the questions that you have posted, just click on your username or on your icon. You will be directed to the link http://www.enotes.com/people/ldygodi4100. This contains all your latest activity on Enotes.com including the questions you have asked, any discussions that you may have created, and any responses you may have posted.

If you have asked too many questions since the account was opened and would like to access the ones that you asked a long time back you can type in your username in the Search box which is located on the top. This shows all your activity as well as any responses you may have received.

To narrow down results, if you remember the group under which you posted the question, first go to the group and then use the smaller search box that appears to search for activity in that particular group.

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