Where Men Win Glory

by Jon Krakauer

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Where in  California did Pat Tillman live?

Expert Answers

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Apparently, there are conflicting reports about where Pat Tillman was born: Biography.com states that he was born in San Jose, California, while Wikipedia states that he was born in Fremont. But, there were five communities that built up around the San Jose Mission, so it may just be that one report uses the name Fremont for the section of this San Jose mission area in which Tillman grew up and lived. He attended Bret Harte Middle School in San Jose, and, playing as a linebacker, Pat helped to lead Leland High School in the unified San Jose school district to the Central Coast Division I Football Championship. 

After graduating from high school, Tillman received a football scholarship at Arizona State University where he excelled both as player and as student. He was drafted by the NFL's Arizona Cardinals and played for them as a safety. When he was offered a more lucrative contract with St.Louis, Pat Tillman declined it out of loyalty to the Cardinals.

From his youth, Pat Tillman's sterling character was evident. It is sadly ironic that those who reported his death did not possess the integrity that Tillman exhibited. Where Men Win Glory is an account of what really happened to Ranger Pat Tillman, and this report contradicts much of what the government published.

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